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If you need a professional, experienced plumbing company, with years of experience, look no further. We provide a variety of options to customers, not least including: repairing leaks, installing pipes and fixing toilets? Then we are the company for you.

A professional plumber must have a thorough understanding of many plumbing related issues, such as hydraulic systems. Our people have the skill and knowledge to work effectively with precise attention to detail. Our aim is to install and maintain well-functioning gas and waste systems; which transport water or liquids that are hot in workplace or your home. Our plumbers are proficient in reading patterns and drawings to comprehend or plan the layout of plumbing, waste disposal and water distribution systems; as well as installing and maintaining water supply systems. Tubing and pipes could cut, build and install, with attention paid to infrastructure. We will find and repair issues with water distribution lines (e.g. leaks), fix domestic appliances (e.g. washing machines) and fittings (e.g. sinks) etc.) Repair or replace broken drainage lines, clogged drains, taps etc. We’re also able to install new waste disposal appliances.

Our employees have proven expertise as plumbers. Our technicians have excellent comprehension of water distribution and disposal systems in commercial and residential properties, solid knowledge of ventilation and heating systems in addition to appliances. Ability to take care of pipes tools and equipment (pipe wrenches, pipe cutters, plungers etc.)

All our plumbing technicians exhibit communication and interpersonal skills. Even in awkward spaces, we could work with a great deal of patience, and with condition and power. All our plumbers have diploma from a trade school or completion of apprenticeship and certain valid license to practice these tasks.

Plumber Plus Plumbers LA is also a building plumbing Contractor who specializes in residential and commercial plumbing services. Plumber Plus Plumbers LA Will Have the Ability to handle any service request for pipes of houses, New and old.


As a homeowner, taking care of your home is vitally important. Even something like plumbing is vital because of the importance plumbing plays on the day to day operation of your home; for this reason, having a plumber you can trust is important. Ensuring you have a plumber you can turn to if the unexpected occurs…well here we are! You need somebody who has the abilities, but also offers the customer service traits essential to create a positive experience for the client.

We have inventory, plumbers and the expertise necessary to deal with any job, small or big. We’re devoted to providing high quality products and exceptional workmanship to each job we undertake. We also offer value engineering to our customers in a bid to offer project costs with workable alternatives in materials.

We realize that we and that the client is our company Want them more than they need us. All field employees are trained to keep customers for life. They see the value of keeping them and the value of our customers.

We can provide our customer the newest in engineering. This contains high pressure water jetting equipment which empowers grease problems to be a thing in the past for other industrial customers as well as restaurants. We have line locators and cameras which allow our business view what the problem is and exactly where and to track down and fix the problem faster and less expensively than before. We offer a world class plumbing services to business in addition to local homes.

All our pipe installation and repairs come with a warranty of this year, and we won’t charge you any extra money for working on weekends or holidays. We’ve been focusing on our local area and trusted by customers for over 15 years, meaning we’ve served generations of business and home owners for their pipe’s solutions. This tradition of uniqueness and excellence continues indefinitely as we leave our customers satisfied.

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My next-door neighbor and I have had plumbing problems in our condos for longer than a decade. When the inevitable next occurrence happened in my neighbor’s unit, she phoned Plumber Plus. They checked my unit as well and found mold and water damage in both units that had been left unaddressed by the contractors and plumbers we had working here just a few weeks earlier. Tyler not only thoroughly investigated both units, he also explained how damage progresses and why, and was particularly informative in explaining all the consequences . He advocated for both of us to our management company, and it is clear that he is an expert in mold remediation and damage. His work and that of his staff is impeccable and thorough, and he excels at communicating the problem and the solution. I’ve had a lot of experience with a lot of plumbers and contractors in the 15 years I’ve owned my condo, and while the problem is a true pain in the neck, I no longer worry about substandard work or side deals. I simply know they will tell me the truth and that they won’t cut corners that cost much, much more in the long term. Advocacy and honesty, not to mention their vast store of knowledge on water and mold, have made this most unpleasant experience bearable. I wouldn’t think of calling anyone else.

Terencio Jameson

We are extremely pleased with the work that Plumber Plus performed on our sewer repair and would definitely recommend this company to others. The sewer repair included replacing the trap piping on the sidewalk near the street as well as and replacing our pipe leading to our garage (they did a camera inspection to verify whether we needed that) and luckily they didn’t have to cut open the entire driveway to insert the new pipe – just a few squares on the sidewalk and a few squares in the driveway – I was very impressed. They even did an extra square on the sidewalk to even out the cracking the tree roots were causing. All of the employees we dealt with were so skilled, hard working and accommodating! Tom gave us a great price (lower than the competitors in the area for a much more thorough job), Mike oversaw the whole project and went above and beyond the job that was quoted without raising the price, and there was a great set of guys working on the different aspects of the job. Mark even did some weeding in our garden and cleaned up the driveway and stairs while waiting for his next assignment which was amazing of him! The cement work is perfect, they got the inspector out in a timely manner, they are very tidy, (cleaning up all of the dirt and cement debris every day). The office staff was very informative and easy to deal with as well. Thanks for a job well done!!

Lancelot Glen

We had main water pipe leaking on Friday night. Called few local plumbing companies and only Plumber Plus was available right away. Because we where desperate, we even consider nationwide companies with terrible reviews. Max came right away even in 15 before the time of appointment. Very rare for contractors especially on Saturday night. Matthew join 30 min. later and those 2 guys did amazing job of repairing pipe without much damage to a property. Max done well. Both Max and Matthew where nice and polite and help us understand about plumbing more then I wanted to know I guess. Price wise I have nothing to compare, but seems reasonable for work to be done. Thanks again guys and now I know who to call for all plumbing needs. So, happily, everything is now working as it should. All personal of the company are very professional, knowledgeable, and honest. And Max has definitely become our “go to” plumber!

Herc Spillane